A few years ago I got to a place in my life where the way I was living wasn’t working out for me and it became obvious I needed to try a new approach.

I was deeply unhappy and had developed disordered eating, cystic acne and crippling anxiety…

Through healing my relationship to myself - practising self-compassion, meeting myself where I was and taking radical responsibility for the choices I made, I built the safety within to feel my feelings, so I didn’t have to numb or control my feelings away with disordered eating, anxiety or perfectionism. 


When we love and accept ourselves, we instinctively treat ourselves well and with ease heal our relationship with food, health and life itself.

Experiencing these life changing effects first hand led me to do a deep dive into health and wellness.

I travelled to Indonesia to study alongside some of the worlds most advanced Yoga Teachers and Spiritual Leaders and completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification. This led me to study with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York where I received my Certification in Holistic Health Coaching. Subsequently I undertook Meditation Teacher Training and received Certification.

Things truly began to open up for me when I understood the mind body connection and regulated my nervous system through nutrition, exercise, breathwork, meditation, sleep and stress mitigation. This approach was transformative for me and I am passionate about working with the mind and body together.

I healed my anxiety, cystic acne and my relationship with food through healing my relationship with myself.

Building a strong relationship with myself was tangible, required real action and changed the entire trajectory of my life.

Work with Me

Emma has an amazing ability to get to the root cause of an issue due to her gentle approach mixed with her breadth of knowledge. Emma really listens and there is no judgement so it’s easy to be completely honest with her. She is brilliant at creating comprehensive and tailored plans and most of all, she is fantastically motivational. I recommend her to anyone and everyone!


I was diagnosed with PCOS In November 2020 and was dealing with weight gain and hormonal acne. I felt lost due to the lack of information, support and understanding surrounding my diagnosis. Then Emma came along. Emma genuinely listened to me and she took all of my thoughts and concerns on board. With her knowledge she was able to recommend lifestyle changes that suited me and actually worked. Through working with Emma I am now at a healthy weight, no longer have acne and I have never felt better!